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See how we worked with the Arnold Palmer Turning Point Invitational to raise over $6 million in charitable donations for Cornerstone Schools.

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See how we worked with the Southeast Produce Council to create a unique golf experience for their members and through their members' support raised  $50,000 for the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation.

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Arnold Palmer - Sports Marketing in Golf's Timeless Role Model


Given the interest in golf endorsement deals, we thought we would republish the blog article we did about Arnold Palmer, the new book that was written about him by teaching professional Brad Brewer, and the interview that sportscaster Ann Liguori did with Brad to discuss his new book.

As a lead-up to an upcoming blog on professional golfer / celebrity recruitment, we begin with a reference to an interview sportscaster Ann Liguori recently did with Brad Brewer about his new book, “Mentored by the King, Arnold Palmer’s Success Lessons For Golf, Business And Life.” Brad is a PGA class-A professional who has been a part of Arnold Palmer's inner circle for more than 25 years.

Ann Liguori, Arnold Palmer, Brad BrewerOn her radio show, "Sports Innerview With Ann Liguori," Ann described Brad’s new book as "a must read, not only for golf fans or Arnold Palmer fans, but for those of you who want to be inspired and successful in business and life." Among the success lessons from the book that Ann and Brad discussed were the following: 

  • Remember Your Roots (Lesson 1)                
  • Simplify the Complex  (Lesson 4)
  • Always Give a Firm Handshake  (Lesson 6)     
  • The Best Attract the Best (Lesson 16)
  • Go for Broke (Lesson 17)
  • Compliment and Encourage (Lesson 21)
  • Don’t Dwell on Yesterday’s News (Lesson 30)
  • Always Grateful (Lesson 33)

Another key takeaway from the interview: successful people are always giving back and planting those seeds with others around them. By way of example, a portion of the proceeds from "Mentored by the King" will go to The Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children.

With regard to professional golfer / celebrity recruitment, both Arnold Palmer and the late Mark McCormack would be the first to say they didn't invent the concept of sports marketing in golf. But there's "no doubt in sports advertising circles that they devised the pioneering strategy in place today which markets athletes in a far more 'timeless' way than just through win ads.”

As my colleagues who worked at IMG during the Mark McCormack era have recalled many times (and is referenced in Arnie's book, "A Golfer's Life"), "the Arnold Palmer brand is built on the qualities that sports advertisers and fans alike have admired most about the man: character and endurance, reliability and integrity." In my view, those qualities ring true in Brad Brewer's "Mentored by the King."

To listen to Ann's interview with Brad in its entirety (i.e., 18 minutes and 39 seconds), click here. 

For examples of how companies work with professional golfers to give back to their communities (including an event the Colvin Sports Network arranged with Arnold Palmer and other U.S. Amateur Champions that raised money for a local school), click on the "free download" button below.

Complimentary Report:\u0026quot\u003BSix Sure WaysBusiness Golf Can ImproveYour Customer Retention\u0026quot\u003BClick Here        

To read another of our blog posts with content related to Arnold Palmer, go to:

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Cover Image: Courtesy of Zondervan


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